Welcome to my blog!

My name is Tereza, originally from Olomouc but living in Prague already since 2012. Four years ago I left for a six month adventure to Thailand where I worked as a volunteer for a local NGO. I was teaching English in a local school. During my stay in Southeast Asia I had a change to travel to other parts of Thailand and also to Cambodia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Right after my trip, my passion for travelling grew even bigger. I also got this idea about starting my own blog. Since that time I came back to Asia few times and when possible I travel to other parts of Europe as well. On my bucket list is currently Mexico, Japan, Zanzibar and Vietnam. I very much enjoy the entire process of travelling from planning till unpacking my luggage. I love to taste local delicacies and enjoy discovering spots that are not usually mentioned in the travel guides.

Work with me

I would be happy to work with you. I can offer you management of your Instagram page, my photographic & editing skills, hotel & restaurant reviews, travel planning or copywriting. In case of interest or any other questions, please send me email to tereza@misstravelfairy.com